How to help

We’re excited that you clicked here! There’s something for everyone.

Funds > To help with our home study fees, you can donate through our GoFundMe account (not tax-deductible). After our home study is complete you’ll be able to donate (tax-deductible) through our AdoptTogether page (under construction).

Photography > Take pics of us that we’ll use when we put our profile book together. This is how our birthmom will get to know us and decide if we’re the right parents for her child.

Prayer > For us, our baby, and the birthparents.

Fundraising > You might have the next great idea for raising money; we’re all ears! We’re also interested in talking to small business owners to help them customize a fundraiser for our adoption. If you think your favorite business would be open to that, let us know.

Hire Me for Temporary Gigs > I like photography, writing and editing, bookkeeping, website maintenance, and pretty much anything related to office work.

Spread the Word > We’re open to meeting potential birthmoms within our extended network of friends and family. If you know someone who’s thinking about making an adoption plan, please send them our way.


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