About us

New phase of life, new blog.

I’m married to Good Cop, the best husband anyone could imagine. I waited a long time to meet him and it was so worth it. We’re settled in our first house with our two dogs, a Canaan-Shepherd born in Beirut (Ziva) and a Shiba Inu from a couple hours away (Charlie). We have big plans for making this house the best place to raise a family and we love working on it together. The house came with a big yard with apple, pear and peach trees, raspberries, and a huge garden. Good Cop is awesome with home remodeling and yard projects. We have great friends and big families.

All we need is a few kids around here. We’re in the process of a domestic infant adoption and we are so excited to meet our baby (nicknamed the Blackbird), hopefully in 2015! There are many things to learn along the way, especially with the possibility of a transracial adoption. We’re also in the process of growing a biological kid (the Bluebird), due in June 2014. Stardust babies referred to in the blog are our two miscarried pregnancies.

portraitbirdThe title of the blog is from one of my favorite books, How to Paint the Portrait of a Bird by Jacques Prevert and Mordicai Gerstein. A lot of good things in life take their time; sometimes a really, really long time. Meanwhile, we do what we can to get ready and enjoy what we have.

As far as birds go, red-winged blackbirds have been my favorite for a long time. We grew up in the country and I would watch for them on the side of the road while we took bike rides. I love their sound and their colors. Bluebirds were kind of a legend when we were growing up and my dad especially loved it when they would nest nearby. He even designed and built special state-of-the-art houses for them. And I’ve had a porcelain bluebird from an old family friend since I was a little girl; she told me it was a bluebird of happiness, and it’s been with me on most of my travels. “Life ain’t always beautiful but it’s a beautiful ride.” (Cyndi Goodman and Tommy Lee James)


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