Five years since our wedding

We just got back from two nights away from the kids to celebrate our fifth anniversary. We packed so much rest and conversations and fun errands into those 46 hours, and we missed the kids like crazy the whole time! It was harder to be away this year now that there are two of them, plus Vinny was feeling under the weather. But they were in great hands and we were close enough to come home within 10 minutes if they needed us. So we ate delicious food, watched relaxing movies, read books, took walks, and had more uninterrupted conversations than we’ve had since the last time we went away for a night. We’re still best friends and we had a lot of fun together. IMG_8277.JPG

The highlight of this getaway was walking through a new house that looks exactly like the one we’re building next year. It was amazing to see everything in person after spending four months studying the floor plan and trying to picture it. We loved it! It felt so right for our family. Can’t wait to start building, and making decisions about flooring, counters, back splashes and fixtures! 1

On Christmas Eve this year we took a walk on our lot. Hopefully next Christmas there will be a foundation to explore. And hopefully for the following Christmas we’ll have been there for half a year already. The wait is worth it but it’s hard.

Vinny is growing into an adorable crawler with seven teeth so far. He’s super curious, he loves coming to find us in another part of the house if we’re gone more than a couple minutes, and he eats any finger foods like a champ. He’s still getting up about twice a night but he takes three naps a day. He’s been teething or dealing with an ear infection for most of the past four weeks, so perhaps he’ll start sleeping better at night when his teeth take a break. He’s such a happy, friendly, silly, lovely baby. He’s really starting to initiate some playtime with his sister and she’s generally happy to play with him for a couple minutes before she gets bored and moves on to something else.

Ana is in a happy season of life full of new words and phrases. It’s hard to keep track of all the cute things she says right now.

  • The other day it was time for her to try going potty and I told her I’d be helping her in just a minute when I was done eating. She loves independence, so I added, “Or, you can do it all by yourself this time.” She shook her head no and replied, very nicely, “Sorry, sweetie.” What? She doesn’t normally call us sweetie. It was pretty funny.
  • A few nights ago she had a stomach bug and threw up on our bed. The next morning she was telling Good Cop about the mess she made and how we cleaned it up. “Sorry, everyone. I spilled on the bed.” Yes, I guess that’s one way to put it!
  • That same day I was using a little vacuum and she was in another room with daddy. She heard the noise and got a little nervous and wanted him to come with her to check it out. “Come on, daddy, don’t be scared. Let’s see if it’s a hippopotamus.” Oh my goodness. She’s adorable.

Tonight we’re all cuddled up at home together. We’ll make root beer floats in a minute (Good Cop and I made root beer floats on this day five years ago too, newly married and enjoying the novelty of not having to say goodbye and leave for our separate homes at the end of the day). The last five years have been so full of good things and kept promises. So grateful.


One thought on “Five years since our wedding

  1. Aw, I love it all so much! As for the pottying, today I asked if she wanted to go potty before her nap. She said “Gramma, you go to kitchen.” She just needed privacy! :D Love that little Vinny too. We admire you both and are so grateful for your family!

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