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slowly processing

I’ve had so many ideas coming into my head through podcasts, books, music and Netflix that I needed to put all of them in one place as I’m slowly processing them. (For a great “she’s-channeling-me” description of slowly processing, this one is saved on my phone to re-read when necessary: Simply Tuesday)


Sorta Awesome Show: What we know now that we’re here

I regularly listen to about 25 podcasts and this one is consistently a favorite. Who doesn’t need some Awesome in their day? This particular episode is about what we learn about ourselves and the world as we get older and wiser. It was so refreshing!

The Simple Show: Starting a Book Club

I heard this episode right around the time I heard an episode on the Sorta Awesome Show about book clubs and reading in general, and after mulling it over for a few days I gathered two friends and started a book club! I haven’t even started reading our book yet and we don’t meet until the end of August but just the planning of it has given me a lot of joy. I’m grateful those two friends were up for it; they don’t know each other, so they’re just trusting me to be a good matchmaker. We’ll find out!

Related to this, I’ve been dabbling in Voxer for the book club conversations. It combines the best of walkie-talkies, voicemails, and text messages into one app, and it’s super fun!

What Should I Read Next

This is my second-favorite podcast. Anne Bogel is an awesome host and a brilliant literary matchmaker and it makes my insides so happy to hear people talking about books they way that they do on this show. Definitely scratches my book nerd itch.

Shalom in the City

I’ve been reading Osheta Moore’s blog for a while and now she just started a podcast, yippee! Over the years she’s helped me think through a lot of my questions about racism and how to bring the kingdom of God to our own neighborhoods. I love the way that she’s bringing us together to be Shalom Sistas.

The Liturgists: Black and White: Racism in America

I just listened to this episode after hearing it recommended on a Sorta Awesome Show episode a while ago. It took me two days, which is unusual because I usually power through podcasts like M&Ms. I needed to stop and take a break a few times because this stuff is deep and complicated and makes me wince. I’ve done a lot of reading and listening over the last four years about how black people experience life in the US, and this is one of the clearest, most in-depth conversations I’ve heard. I’ll be processing and sifting through it for a long time.


Chef’s Table

I love a good cooking show. I love a good travel documentary. I love stories about chefs. I love beautiful movies. I love food. I love art and creativity. I love cookbooks. This series on Netflix is like all of those things combined in the best way. When the second season came out I saved the new episodes for times when the house was relatively quiet so that I could soak them up. I don’t multitask (except maybe nursing baby Vinny) while I watch these, which should tell you how much I’m into them.


Jesus Feminist and Out of Sorts by Sarah Bessey

My goodness, Sarah Bessey is my girl crush right now. Her two books are speaking my soul language. I could read them every month if I had the time.

Chief Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny

Recently Sarah Bessey recommended this series so I ordered Still Life from the library immediately, as any fangirl would. So much fun! Book four is waiting for me on the Holds shelf right now and I’m impatient to get over there. The only problem is that I devour them within a couple of days and I let the housework go so I have to space them out a bit for the sake of being a slightly responsible adult.

Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement

In the last four years I’ve also been doing a lot of reading and listening (and experiencing first-hand) about the law enforcement experience in the US. It is one of the things that brings me the most pride and the most frustration in my daily life. Pride because I get to see what kind of an amazing person my husband is, and frustrating because the rest of the world doesn’t usually agree. This job has never been easy but it seems that it’s gotten a lot more dangerous in the past few years. I’ve done pretty well accepting the risks and working it into my life in healthy ways like enjoying the time we spend together and not sweating the small stuff, but since the night in Dallas that cops were killed as they protected protesters it’s been easier to give in to fear. This book is a fantastic resource and I wish it was required reading for everyone.


Spotify playlist

With all of the big thoughts and fears going on, I needed a playlist. Music has been a staple in my Processing Toolbox for every big life event and this summer definitely requires a playlist. It brings me back to the basics about who God is, what he wants for me, what he wants for the people I love, and what he wants for the world.



One thought on “Good stuff

  1. So rich! Great recommendations, and kudoes to a gal who has every reason to go nuts (with two babies, a temporary home, and a night shift/day sleep daddy.. You continue to pursue “good things” to delight in and grow from. Thanks for sharing it with us extroverts😄

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