Just like that

And just like that, three months go by and there are so many changes since the last post.

The beautiful newborn boy face is here.13094290_10108167143410954_8807131545175068129_n

So far, Kelvin Alexander is pretty much as I pictured him: laid back, sweet and quite easy compared to his sister. He’s a very big eater just like she was, and that’s the hardest part. Nighttime feedings always take an hour and he eats at least twice a night. But he sleeps well and he’s easy to please, and that makes a huge difference. The transition to two has been a lot simpler than I expected. Almost everything about his labor, delivery and recovery was easy. There are hard nights and exhausting days but overall I have so much more emotional energy than I did the first time and I’m not nearly as anxious and stressed. Big sis has had a rough time getting used to the changes (and getting her molars at the same time, poor girl) but she feels better and better as the days accumulate. Having daddy home for two weeks really helped. She loved all the extra time they had to play together while I took care of little brother. That part was hard for me because I wanted to be with her and help her feel okay about everything, but she kept her distance and hardly made eye contact with me for quite a while. That was awful. Over the last two weeks we’ve been getting back to our normal schedule and it’s nice to get some spontaneous hugs again. On her birthday she actually gave me a kiss as we were watching Curious George, cuddled on the couch together while her brother slept. That was a lovely birthday present. I’m so proud of her.

Being away from work has been hard. I’m really looking forward to getting back into a regular schedule when baby boy gets old enough that he isn’t eating so often. I got away twice so far for a short work getaway and it was awesome. It’s kind of hard to believe that I get to have a job that’s fulfilling and refreshing, and yet still stay home most of the time with the kids. I’m really grateful.

Today I turned 35. I’m thinking of it in two ways.

  • A half-way point to 70. I remember thinking about 70-year-old-Jen a lot when I was in my early twenties and trying to decide on big things. It helped to ask myself what my 70-year-old self would want me to decide. I haven’t thought about it that way lately but looking back, I’m pretty happy with the choices so far. Hoping that the next 35 are as full of faith, friends, family and good work.
  • The beginning of 20 years of family-raising. By the time I’m 55 we’ll be actively planning the retirement from Good Cop’s career and I’m guessing we’ll be transitioning our kids into their independence. It’s crazy to think of that because I already know how fast 20 years goes by. It’s exciting though, to think of all the really different memories we’ll be making as the kids get older. So far, parenting is really amazing and I can’t wait to see how it changes and stretches us.

Feeling grateful and hopeful.



One thought on “Just like that

  1. You are a beautiful wise woman, a thoughtfully fun mom, and a darling daughter. Kelvin Jr. is a gentle man, and we’re enjoying getting to know him. Ana is a delight, and you and Kelvin make her smile like no one else can… well, maybe Uncle Ben! Loving you into the future.

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