Dear Anastasia baby,
Today has been a fun day to remember. The title of this post used to be something different until you crawled so fast over here and pulled yourself up to see the computer, fingers grabbing at the keys before your body was even steady on your feet. So I’m leaving it as a reminder of this amazing day and how you’re so curious about everything that I do.

This morning you woke up and played with Bunny in bed for twenty minutes, happily singing and talking to yourself or Bunny. It was really nice that I could wake up slowly since you weren’t immediately ready to get out of bed. I’m really not an early morning person, so your 6:00 a.m. rise-and-shine every day is pretty tough. Days like this are so nice.

It was a pretty normal morning – milk, your breakfast, my coffee, my breakfast. Play time and then nap time. While you slept I got dressed and cleaned up. You didn’t sleep very long but it was long enough for me to decide that we were going to spend the morning in town. It was a gorgeous cool summer morning with green shaggy grass, a rabbit hopping through the garden, and a hint of almost-warm air when I let the dogs outside.

I had a coupon for Panera that was expiring soon so we picked up half of a sandwich, a sprouted grain roll, and a coffee to go. You hated getting back in the car! Lately you’ve decided that sometimes you don’t want to be in the car seat and you use your considerable strength and acrobatics to keep yourself out of there. It’s pretty impressive and so annoying. Eventually I won and we drove down to the channel. There was a huge boat leaving the power plant after making a delivery and you watched it for a long time, waving as it slowly floated by. One of the guys on a top deck saw you, even from so far away, and he waved back. It was pretty cute. Mostly you were excited about all the dogs that walked by! Every time you would squeal “dahk, dahk!” You’re still working on the hard ‘g’ sound. Some of the people walking the dogs would smile and wave at you. A few of them tried to get you to say hi, but you’re not into saying hi yet. You just watch them with your big eyes and study them, not smiling or frowning, just looking. I think that you have a pretty good game face while you work everything out in your head.

You sat in one spot on our blanket for quite a while, chewing on that roll and making a bit of a mess with your slimy crumbs. By the time I finished my sandwich you had started crawling around with the roll in your hand, thump-smoosh-thump-smoosh over my legs back and forth, just climbing for the fun of it. You’re a pretty active girly. We sat there for a long time until you finally finished that bread. I watched all the moms pushing little kids in strollers and thought how strange it was that I was one of them. It’s the most natural thing to be your mom but it still catches me by surprise. I don’t know how to explain it.

After a while we packed everything up because you started to get antsy and loud. You screamed and screamed at the top of your lungs when I had to spend a few seconds untying your hat. You made it sound like I was doing something awful, and I felt bad for laughing at you but it was just ridiculous. You were tired and ready for a change in scenery. I decided to walk down to the library instead of drive and give you a chance to fall asleep in the stroller. You didn’t, but we had a nice walk. Once we got the library you perked right up and started yelling at the books. We had a great time picking out some new ones and you tried to play with the kids who were there already. They were a bit older and not very interested in a baby like you. You had fun exploring all around, playing hide and seek with me in the aisles and crawling into the librarians’ desk space.

Pretty soon you had another meltdown when I told you not to do something (I can’t remember what it was now) and you made a big scene, arching your back, hitting your head on the ground, and yelling like I was chopping off your arm. The little girl who was reading books with her grandma was scared. So we went to the self checkout and got out of there. I thought maybe this time you’d fall asleep in the stroller but no, you just couldn’t stop paying attention to everything. As soon as we started driving you were out like a light.

When you woke up from your nap we were home. You smiled a really big sleepy grin when you saw me and I love it when you do that. You had some lunch (avocado, hard-boiled egg and some cheese crackers) and some water. Then Daddy woke up and played with you. Lately you’re practicing your standing a lot. You love the feeling of not hanging on to anything and you look up at us so proud of yourself. Standing on the couch is your favorite cause it’s wobbly and gives you a workout.

After you played for a bit you were cranky again so I tried to give you a nap, but you just talked and fussed for half an hour. Daddy got you back up and you had some dinner with us while we watched tv together. Then he went to work and you waved goodbye with me like always.

But our night wasn’t over! It was time to put the dogs in their beds and go back downtown to see our friends on their boat! It was your first time on a boat and you wore your new Nautica birthday shirt and the pink sparkle Sperrys from our boat friend. I just love your little baby gut and you have the cutest dimples on your legs and arms. You’re perfectly squishable and super adorable. I often leave the house thinking I wished I looked half as put-together and cute as you do!
On our way back to the car we saw Daddy in his cruiser! He stopped to say hi for just a minute. When you realized it was him you were beaming, squirming and bouncing in the stroller to see him. You really love your dad and he’s crazy about you. I love watching you together.

You fell asleep as soon as we were driving home since it was past your bedtime already. I felt really lucky as I could hear you sleeping and felt the sunshine tingling on my face. Today is one of those days that I’ll remember even though you won’t. It was amazing. Welcome to summertime, my bluebird!


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