The day after I posted that blog about loneliness and depression I came across these two images. Within about an hour of each other. The word “satisfy” seemed like a sign, especially since I had used it the day before without really knowing why (“gravitating toward exhausted rather than satisfied”).


Verse of the Day 2015-04-07

Since then I’ve felt more and more like myself, less and less depressed and lonely. I’m so grateful. Life is so much more fun when your body and mind play nicely together!

Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of our blind date and I found a great deal on a local bed and breakfast. Bluebird’s aunt and uncle came over to watch her and we got away for 24 hours! It’s been so great! I’m chilling out on a huge bed right now listening to traffic on the cobblestone street, the windows open to let in the cool spring morning. Good Cop is reading a book. We had a slow breakfast with amazing coffee and a nice chat with one of the innkeepers. Later we’ll go to the new farmer’s/specialty market and check out a saltwater aquarium we heard about. Then it’ll be time to get home to our little miss, and I really do miss her more now that she’s older and has a big personality. Can’t wait to see her. This midweek getaway will be another great memory to add to our big stash of good times together.

A drive by our current dream house
Lunch at the make-your-own-stirfry place
Wandering the mall, especially Pottery Barn
Krispy Kreme donuts
Browsing the saltwater aquarium store
Checking into our B&B and finding that they’d upgraded us to the best room
A picnic supper in our room with all the good snacks
Walking around a pretty lake and seeing some amazing, huge, lovely lake houses
Getting a late-night hotdog
Coming back to our room and designing a basement layout with the new HGTV software
Waking up to sunshine and a very quiet house (it’s a little sad that I woke up naturally at 6:30 and felt like it was sleeping in)
Taking a shower and a bubble bath in the morning just because I could

This is a very good life. It’s been fun to look back on everything we’ve done in just four years; I’m still easily surprised by how good life is. So good.


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