Lights on Trees

It’s been a good season of Advent, and Christmas Day is officially over. I think of all four Advent candles, love meant the most to me this year. Love for Good Cop and Bluebird, love for our families, and the love of God who made a plan to chase our darkness away for good. There was a healthy serving of darkness for some of the people we love lately and I really appreciated the symbolism of the twinkly lights in our neighborhood and our house.

Christmas wonder

We celebrated with my family on Christmas morning and with Good Cop’s family in the afternoon. Bluebird held up pretty well with all the noise and activity, although by late afternoon she was clingy and hard to please. It was a fun Christmas with her, though! She added some fun giggles to my family and some much-needed cuddles to Good Cop’s family. They’ve been through a rough year and it’s been a week of unexpected unhappy and difficult days. Not sure where to begin with my thoughts on that situation so I’ll leave it alone for now.

Since we were with family all day yesterday we had “our Christmas” on Christmas Eve. It was probably my favorite Christmas yet as an adult. Such a slow, relaxed, quiet day with the two people who take up the most space in my heart. Good Cop did an amazing job with my gifts this year; each of them were so thoughtful. The masterpiece was absolutely magical: a Pleasant Company Kirsten doll still in the box. I have wanted Kirsten since she was introduced, and I would spend hours looking through each new American Girl catalog to figure out which accessories and outfits I would want. I remember sitting at the island in the kitchen and making lists with page numbers and prices, and then slowly and painstakingly prioritizing each item. I don’t know how many years I did that. And then Kirsten was retired and I thought I’d never get her. When I opened that box on Christmas Eve and saw the pink box with stars, and Kirsten’s little head sleeping inside, it was sweet like a Hallmark movie. I lifted her out of the box and her eyes fluttered open, and seriously I thought it might be magic. She was even prettier and more perfect than I imagined. It was a memory to keep forever.

The rest of the day we had our favorite foods, watched some Christmas movies on tv, cuddled on the couch, played with our new presents, and went to church. Bluebird sang along loudly to Joy to the World and made the people around us smile. At night when she was in bed and the house was dark, we turned on the fireplace and drank sparkling cider by treelight and firelight. It was a lovely picture of everything good about our life together. So much love.


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