Soggy snow

We got a couple feet of snow over the last couple of weeks and today it’s 41 degrees and raining. As the snow melts, the tips of grass are poking through and the unraked leaves are turning the snow a splotchy yellowish brown. It’s been a wearing week and the weather is doing a good job of matching how I feel: soggy and worn out.

The week started off with another snowstorm and terrible roads which caught my sister and flipped her little truck on its roof as she was on her way back to her apartment from our house. Thankfully she’s okay except for bumps and bruises, but it was a scary and unwelcome reminder that life is too fragile for us. I know that it’s always true, but I like to shove it to the back of my mind and not think about how things can change so quickly.

The week is ending with my mom fighting two kidney stones and a nasty infection that spread to her blood, a terrible combination if you want to enjoy the holiday season or daily life. It also means that she’ll be missing her niece’s wedding, a long-awaited happy day for which she was going to be pianist and organist. This wedding meant a lot to her, for a lot of reasons, and it meant a lot to my cousin to have mom, me and my sister there to do the music. It’s just sad.

Around those two bookends, though, there were unsoggy, lovely things that I want to remember.

  • Good Cop and I had a real date. At least, it was as real as it gets for this season of life. We turned a quick business errand in the big city into a lunch at Outback Steakhouse followed by a long, unhurried trip through the grocery store. Even before we had Ana we enjoyed getting groceries together, so it felt like a great date. We need to do that more often. When she was tiny we managed to get out alone more often but lately it’s been tough.
  • I put all my favorite Christmas songs into a playlist and listened to them in bed this morning while the rain came down. Each one takes me back to good memories and specific people and places.
  • Ana took longer naps on a few days this week. She’s been waking up more often at night so it’s not exactly the tradeoff I would prefer, but it’s really helpful for my brain to have some alone time during the day.
  • I made the leap to actively look for a second client. It still feels like a stretch, but my daily routine for the last month has been pretty predictable and I’m confident enough that I can round up a few extra hours here and there to take on more work. My Facebook friends were so helpful when I asked for Likes on the business page and it was exciting to see the stats go off the charts in 36 hours. I also got a really awesome message from someone I’d love to have as a client, and I had a great meeting with my current client and added some fun work to my plate.
  • The Highly Sensitive Person came in at the library and I’ve read the first couple of chapters. So, so helpful! I also checked out the Highly Sensitive Child since Ana seems to have most of the characteristics, and I’m looking forward to reading that too.
  • Good Cop went above and beyond to cover all my love languages this week, even though he’s working three jobs and hardly sleeping. Yesterday I got home from visiting my parents’ and he had dinner in the oven, the trash collected and taken out, laundry going, the dishes cleaned up, and the house vacuumed, among other chores that I can’t remember. He is such a gift.
  • We got a snow blower this week. This means that our driveway won’t be a layer of packed ice eight inches thick all winter! And it means that I can get outside to get fresh air during naps. I’ve really come a long way since the days of being single and shoveling a very long gravel driveway a few years ago to being married and having a snow blower for our paved driveway. Yahoo!
  • Ana is sunshine on cloudy days. She’s coming into her personality so much and it’s turning out to be a spunky, passionate, cheeky girl who loves to explore and observe. She is so loud at home! When we’re out in the world she’s generally silent as she takes it all in, but at home she yells, squeals, laughs, and babbles. We’ve been experimenting with solid food and she loves to feed herself, although she’s not efficient at all. She turned six months old this week and I’m looking forward to having a quiet day soon to take some good pictures. She’s strong, determined, lovely, smart, loving, and playful. Just the kind of daughter I needed.
"Most likely to change the world"

“Most likely to change the world.” Changed my world for sure!


One thought on “Soggy snow

  1. I so love that Good Cop of yours. What a gift he is! And Ana is sheer delight. Grandpa is still smiling from your lovely visit yesterday. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!

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