Picture books

I really love children’s books and I came across a blog all about picture book design the other day! The internets make me so happy sometimes! Here’s a recent post with a charming video about an illustrator.

Ana has a lot of books in her room and about a fifth of them are just hers, not ones that I transferred from my bookshelf to hers. That is so cool. I hope she likes to read or at least likes to be read to. I read to her while she’s nursing sometimes; mostly it’s a good excuse for me to read her cute books myself but she doesn’t seem to mind. (We read this gem the other day – I found it at the used book store before she was born. A worldview-widening story plus recipes for mommy-daughter cooking adventures? Win!) Lately she’s been more alert while she eats, so maybe she’ll be able to listen more too.

She’s still napping pretty well! Certainly not two three-hour naps a day like I said in the last post – I don’t know what I was thinking. She does take a three-hour nap once in a while, but mostly she sleeps for an hour or so. Sometimes it’s a couple times a day, sometimes just once. But she made the switch to the big crib this weekend and she’s been sleeping a lot better at night! Her reflux improved lately and she just finished a growth spurt, so I think everything is coming together to make sleep easier. She slept seven hours Thursday night and eight hours Saturday night! Monday night she slept almost seven, and then relapsed last night to getting up twice. But I’m happy with this direction!

We’re also in cloth diapers 95% of the time now and I love it. The laundry hasn’t been bad at all and she only had a blowout once, which is about the same as it was with disposables. She’s still in Pampers for the long stretch at night but I don’t know if I’ll try to change that. Seven to ten diapers a week is okay with me – sure cuts down on the diaper budget!

She’s fourteen weeks now and so much more fun. We knew that the three-month birthday would make a big difference in her personality and interaction, and it’s so true. She’s entertaining herself for almost an hour at a time by watching the aquarium and then playing on the floor with her little baby gym, or just watching me in the kitchen in her bouncy seat. She’s getting a sense of humor and she loves being silly together. She holds on to her burp rag and chews on it a lot. She still doesn’t love being in new places with lots of people, and she relaxes the moment we get home and she sees her fish. She tends to fuss more with women than men. One of her uncles just left for boot camp and he was really great at getting her settled. She’ll be happy when he comes back home. We went to Jo-Ann Fabric the other day for some wet bag supplies and she loved it! All those colors and textures were right up her alley. She was kicking, grabbing, and cooing a lot. When she goes to bed for the night she whimpers and talks sadly to herself for a few minutes but then she goes to sleep. It’s adorable.

Watching the fish

Watching the fish

There’s a lot going on in the news lately, huh? I’m not sure that things are getting worse than ever but we certainly have a lot more access to everything that’s going on in the world, so it seems unrelenting. I don’t worry about Ana growing up in this world any more than I would worry about her growing up in the ’80s like I did, but it makes me think. I want her to be brave, honest, and loving as she faces things like war, Islamic militants, racism, and epidemics tearing apart vulnerable people.

The death of Michael Brown in Ferguson has been on my mind a lot. As the wife of a law enforcement officer I know a few things that the public generally doesn’t know about the daily situations that look one way but are actually another way. I know how hard it is when the news gets the details wrong and they can’t defend themselves or set it straight. And I know that there are very few people who would chose such a thankless, difficult, and discouraging job just so they could have a power trip. I really want the officer who shot Mr. Brown to be justified in using his gun. But I also know that there are cities that aren’t like ours, where the police and minorities do not respect each other and it’s not a healthy or fair relationship. I understand why there’s so much discussion and anger right now about systemic racism. In the end, a young man is dead and a police officer is injured. If we adopt transracially, that situation could easily be my son and husband. There’s just a lot to think about. I’m so grateful that Good Cop is truly a good cop who tries to give everyone equal measures of justice and mercy no matter what color they are. So, go and thank a law enforcement officer while you’re on your way to doing something to undo systemic racism (here’s an easy baby step: read ethnically-diverse books with your kids). That would make me happy.


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  1. Very thoughtfully written Jen. We’re praying for Baby Bluebird and any others to enter a world that embraces them and one they fully embrace. So grateful for our good cop. Love you three!

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