Annie’s second month

I almost went back and deleted that title for something a little more life-encompassing, as I never intended this blog to be all about babies and motherhood, and now it seems that’s all it’s about. But that’s the state of life right now; my world revolves around Annie.


So, Annie is 8 weeks old, two full months in a few days. Suddenly, in the last few days she looks so much older and bigger. She still has a lot of her newborn expressions but she’s adding new noises. She has a little laughing sound she does in her sleep, usually when she’s not very happy. And she’s using her voice more in general, making happy noises after a diaper change or calling us over to her blanket on the floor when she’s sick of looking out the window. She still loves diaper changes in her room and I’m wondering if she’s going to have a hard time actually sleeping in her crib when we make the transition, cause she gets so energized in her room right now. It’s been a tough week for sleeping – feels like she took a few steps backward. I’m hoping it’s just a growth spurt or the 8-week fussiness. A typical good night lately starts with a nap around 7 or 7:30, eating a lot after she wakes up until 10:30 or 11:00, sleeping until 2, eating and burping until 3 or 3:30, sleeping until 5, eating and burping until 6 or 6:30, and sleeping until 8. Basically, a 3-hour stretch and then two 1.5-hour stretches. She is such a slow, drowsy eater at night but has a hard time falling into a deep sleep after she eats. Add in the time for pumping afterward, and there’s not much sleep for me. I’m hoping she goes back to her 3-hour-stretches for the whole night soon, like she was doing for a couple weeks before this glitch. She has an appointment on Monday with her pediatrician and I’ll ask about reflux since that seems to keep her in a shallow sleep.

Other than driving us batty with no sleep, she’s charming and beautiful. It’s so fun to watch her change every day and learn new things. Sad, too, as she loses some of her newborn looks and grows out of her 0-3 clothes. I see why people have more than one child just because the newborn stage is gone so quickly and you can’t remember a lot of it because your hormones are whacked out and you can’t sleep.

I’ve gotten more into a regular work schedule with a weekly meeting with my client and adding more at-home work to my week too. That’s been so very nice for my brain. I love the actual work as well as the work of getting my business Facebook page and website set up. Got my first payment this week too, and that’s pretty awesome!

In the last couple of weeks we’ve done some fun summer things like dinner at a campground with friends who were there for the weekend, lots of walks on the boardwalk, picnic lunches at my new favorite park, a trip to the Farmers’ Market, and getting some clearanced flowers for our two big planters in the front of the house. I usually get out of the house every day with Ana and it helps to clear my brain a lot. I’m starting to wonder if she’s getting into the stage where she needs a scheduled morning and afternoon nap at home, and if she does I’ll have to cut back on my galavanting. If it pays off with longer naps and better nights, it’d be worth it, but I’m hoping we can make a deal that works for both of us. Logic works well with infants, I’ve heard, so I’m sure it’ll be no problem.

Good Cop is such a great dad. He had a different schedule this week with training and it was so good to have him home more nights than usual. Ana loves him a lot and he can usually make her settle down really fast (except for the last few nights of chaos). She’s gonna have a lot of fun with him as she gets older and more interactive. We love family time with the three of us even if it’s just getting groceries.  I still don’t necessarily feel like a mom all the time but I do feel like a family, and that’s a fantastic feeling!



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