A new life

Bluebird arrived two weeks early, a big surprise for all of us except Good Cop (who’s been predicting a 2-weeks-early arrival since the beginning). We have a daughter!


We’re so in love, so grateful, so surprised that it was a girl all along, and so happy that she’s here and she’s ours forever.

We named her Anastasia Renee after some of the strongest and best women we know. Both of my grandmas were named Ann, and my mom’s middle name is Rae. Anastasia means “resurrection” and Renee means “reborn,” and it felt like those were very fitting meanings for this baby after the two miscarriages. She gives life a new meaning!

She was born two days before my birthday, so leaving the hospital with her was the best way to celebrate my birthday ever. I don’t think I can top that. It’s been a crazy 10 days adjusting to her schedule and rearranging life but I think we’re getting the hang of it! I’m soaking up all of it, even the round-the-clock nursing and little sleep. These days are flying by so fast. She is such a gift.


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