Dear Bluebird

Yesterday was our first Mother’s Day together. Your daddy got me the perfect card, a Starbucks gift card (because I’ve been asking for that, anticipating the sleep-deprived days coming up), and the best surprise ever: a photo book of your life story so far. It is beautiful and charming and I can’t wait to have daddy read it to you. You are so lucky!

You “dropped” on Friday and it’s been so much easier to do normal things like eat, breathe, plant seeds in the garden, and do laundry. My back feels a lot better too. The only problem is that now my feet are so swollen by mid-day. It’s getting hard to find shoes that I can wear to work, especially with the temperatures getting more like late spring should be. I want to wear skirts and dresses but you make my feet unhappy if they’re in sandals or flip flops. It’s okay though. I know you’re getting uncomfortable too. You have a lot less room to wiggle now that you’ve dropped, and you seem pretty cramped. You sleep harder and longer now, especially during the night and into the morning. I feel you most often in the afternoon until I go to bed at night. That’s a pretty good schedule if you want to keep it up. You usually wake up when daddy gets home from work and you hear us talking about his night, and then you do your morning stretches when I eat breakfast. I think it’d be great if you would be awake for daddy when he gets home every day so he can see you.

I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about your stardust siblings and all my friends who are wanting to be moms. Mother’s Day is a hard day for a lot of people. I thoroughly soaked up the joy of it, though! Knowing how precious it is, and how elusive it can be, made it even sweeter. Even strangers at the grocery store said “happy Mother’s day” to me when I was getting some things after church, and that was so strange and wonderful.

We just have a couple more weeks to be this close. Then, the next adventure starts! If all goes well, you’ll be here to celebrate Father’s Day with us out here in the big world. That’s a very happy thought. I already know what I want to get your daddy for that day but I have a feeling you’ll be really stiff competition for his attention.

Love you, birdie. We’re ready when you are!



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