Second due date

Yesterday was the due date for our second stardust baby. I feel a bit sorry that I didn’t think of it at all until I woke up this morning – I’d been thinking of it for the last month off and on, and thought about it a lot this weekend, but yesterday we had a normal busy day and I was more caught up in finally being 8 months along with the Bluebird. There’s been a baby boom around here for about three weeks and every time I see another pic on Facebook I think “That’s what our second baby would look like right now.” It’s not sad though. Just makes me stop a minute and think about how life would be different with either or both of those first two babies here.

Also, today is the first day of a biannual writing conference that I always go to and last time I was on pins and needles because I thought I might be pregnant. I was just extra late that month, but I vividly remember walking around campus wondering if our lives were going to change. We’d only been married four months so it was a little overwhelming, but it was also the catalyst that made me feel comfortable with adding a baby to the mix, and we started trying soon after that. It’s going to be interesting to walk around campus over the next three days being eight months pregnant and think about everything that happened in the last two years. Lots to think about!

Life is beautiful. All of it, even the hard things.

orphan calf

One of the orphan calves at my parents’



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