A family nose!

Bluebird got daddy’s nose!


The ultrasound earlier this week was all good but we didn’t get any great pics of the baby. We did get this straight-on look at the face, though, and I love it. The next day I realized that the nose looked familiar. Sure enough, it’s from Good Cop. That is the coolest thing ever. And yes, the right hand is still next to the face, like we always see it. I sleep with my arm under my head, so maybe that’s where they get it.

Apart from being a little bigger than average (about 3 lbs. 10 oz. and 62nd percentile), everything seemed to be normal. Bluebird’s head was down on my left side. I don’t know how long he or she had been that way but it would explain a couple good kicks to the ribs last week. They’re really getting stronger.

We signed up for our prenatal class at the hospital next weekend. Amazing to be 30 weeks already and almost into the single-digit countdown! Yesterday I noticed a coupon with an expiration date after the baby will be here; little things like that make it more real! We also started putting our registry together and making invite lists for the showers. The list of things to do before June 4 seems to be growing! Trying not to stress out, cause I know some of it just won’t get done and it’ll be fine. But 10 weeks suddenly seems very short. Trying to enjoy every day and make the most of these last few weeks! It would help if the weather would give us a break and finally let go of winter. The huge flakes of snow this morning were almost cruel. Come on, spring! We’ve got work to do around here.

Oh, good! Our neighbors across the street just got back from Florida! Definitely a sign that warmer weather is on the way! They left in January and I hadn’t talked to them since November-ish, so they don’t know there’s a baby coming to the neighborhood. Surprise!


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