We’re melting!

It’s finally warming up over here! There’s a big puddle in our driveway and the skunks are out (I smelled three of them on the drive to work). And I saw a bluebird in our backyard this morning! The dogs can’t get enough of the melting snow and unburied treasures. Looks like we’re supposed to get a quick deep-freeze and more snow tonight but I think the upward trend is here to stay. It’s amazing to walk out of the house without boots, hat, scarf and gloves!

photo (3)

We’ve been picking away at house projects and I’m getting my feet wet in the world of virtual assistants, since that seems like a logical option for the next season of life with kids. Interesting and scary stuff! There are so many unknowns about the next year; it’s hard to imagine what daily life will look like in a few months. In this case I’m kinda glad to be an older parent. I have a lot of big changes under my belt already, so at least I know how I handle change in general. That makes me feel better. I know that it’s normal for me to experience change by being sad or overwhelmed easily, so I won’t be caught off guard if that’s how it is with this big change. I also know that eventually I get back to feeling like I can handle life without crying at the drop of a hat.

Tomorrow is the start of the third trimester (yay!) and at my appointment today I was measuring a few weeks ahead of schedule so we get to have an ultrasound again! Can’t wait to see how much the Bluebird has grown and changed in the last eight weeks, ’cause I can definitely feel a difference in the way he or she moves and how much space they take up. Often it’s a lot more like a swipe or a slow drive-by rather than a quick punch or kick, and there are times that I can feel a particular hard spot where they’re pressing their head or foot or elbow or something. It’s still so strange that we actually have a healthy baby growing here. I don’t think it’s entirely sunk in that it all worked and it’s unfolding like it should be. I hope that the wonder and surprise never entirely goes away.


One thought on “We’re melting!

  1. Beautiful thoughts and observances Gentle Spirit. Eager for ultrasound pics again. You saw a bluebird? Love it! heard some different bird calls yesterday (without Daddy around) so I couldn’t tell, but I knew they were new spring sounds. So glad!! Grow, baby, grow!

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