Winter sun!

The sun was out almost all day today! I can’t remember the last time that happened. Probably November. The last two months I’ve been happy to see the sun at all, even for 30 seconds. Today was amazing! I took a walk to the bayou and saw that one of the houses on the other side had shoveled an ice rink. That would be fun. This was a great winter for ice skating and skiing and there were more than a few times that I wished I could do either of them without worrying about falling. Everything is more attractive when it’s off limits. Next year! Now we’re all bracing for a short thaw (50 degrees!) next week and flooding.

We got a crib yesterday from some friends! It’s perfect. I can’t wait to sand it down and paint it – I’m thinking about a cool mid-tone gray, with white trim. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can work on it outside.

Had another good OB appointment this week and got a prescription for the heartburn. Looking forward to a little less acid. Next week or the week after I have to do the glucose thing, yahoo. Rite of passage for our generation. But other than that, everything was good and we’re grateful! Sweet sixteen (weeks to go). It’s been fun to feel the Bluebird get stronger this week. And I did yoga at church for the first time, hoping it might help my hips, legs and pelvis not hurt so much, and it was awesome. Looking forward to doing that again whenever I can.

Valentine’s Day was nice and relaxed over here. We celebrated on Thursday night since Good Cop works this weekend, and we just stayed home and made two new recipes for dinner. That was a fun date – we’ll have to do that again soon. I love working together in the kitchen and I’m still so thrilled that our house had an updated kitchen! Those ten years in apartment-sized work spaces make me appreciate this one even more.

It’s a quiet night over here and I’ll be catching up on laundry and Downton Abbey, then heading to bed early. Baptisms tomorrow at church and our niece’s first birthday party in the afternoon. Should be a great Sunday! Here’s a handful of sunshine for anyone who needs it!


4 thoughts on “Winter sun!

    • Yes, reindeer antlers! And that makes me think, “soon it will be spring and all the deer will be shedding their antlers!”

  1. What a wonderful post, sweet friend. Thank you! In the midst of your anything-but-easy circumstances, all you focus on is the positive, the lovely, the good. Thank you for that. God has been taking me through a journey of growing in contentment. It’s hard work, coming out of a world of complaining, negativity and criticism. But God is gracious and gentle with me. You are a gift in my life, an example of a young woman whose heart rests in her Father and is content. Thank you! And praise to our wonderful Father!

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