Bluebird’s big week

Baby Bluebird celebrated Hump Week and got their picture taken again at the doctor’s office on Thursday. That baby can move! They never stopped wiggling and bouncing the whole time we were watching, and it was amazing. Everything looked good. It made me wish that June wasn’t so far away! It feels like forever right now. Still hard to believe that this is our baby.


Almost every day I watch the videos of the ultrasound and try to remember the details of everything we saw. That kid put on a show. He or she was flipping around every which way, punching and kicking, pointing, stretching, and generally exploring every inch of that little space. I don’t know how they move so quickly in such tight quarters.

We’re keeping the Bluebird’s gender a secret even from ourselves. The ultrasound tech put a picture of the “proof” in an envelope for us in case we change our minds eventually, but so far we’re happy to wait. Some days I think it’s a girl, other days I think it’s a boy. We’re coming up with some solid names for both and I’m feeling like we could put a great name together right now if we had to. I’m really looking forward to getting the nursery set up over the next few months. Most of the furniture will be re-purposed pieces we already have, so we just need a crib and a table-top changing pad and I think we’ll be all set. And a car seat, of course. We crossed off one big item on the before-Bluebird-arrives list recently: a kid-hauler. I’ve always wanted a truck and Good Cop needed a more reliable car, so he found a great deal on an older super-crew F150. It’s awesome. Plus it gets better mileage than his old car, and it’s been a lifesaver on my new commute during these ice- and snow-storms. The only thing that will improve its looks is a car seat or two in the back seat!

I’ve been thinking about the Blackbird a lot too. Wondering how far apart they’ll be from the Bluebird and whether we’ll get to see ultrasound pics of them before they join our family. Wondering what their parents are doing right now and what circumstances will bring them into our lives. Wondering how the transition from one child to two children will go. Wondering if they’re a boy or girl. I am so excited to meet that little Blackbird! It feels like they’ll add the missing piece to our family. I can’t wait to be a family of four.


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