Two years as a Mrs.

It’s our anniversary today!


Two years ago, after a blind date and four months of dating, we got engaged and planned a wedding in four and a half months. It was the craziest thing I ever did! Those first few months of marriage were surreal, especially whenever I thought, “this time a year ago I didn’t even know him.” It was also the best thing I ever did. I was 30 (well, I turned 30 the day we officially started dating) and I was ready. We both knew who we were and what we wanted, and it was pretty obvious that we were gonna be married sooner rather than later. Being Good Cop’s wife is the most fun I’ve ever had. He’s the perfect guy for me.


In our first year together we bought a house, got two puppies, got Good Cop’s dream job, and traveled a lot. In our second year we were pregnant three times, started the process of adoption, got a truck to haul babies around, and I had a big job change. It’s still crazy to think how quickly life shifted once everything came together.

Our third year looks like it’ll be a year of parenting. That might be the hardest change to wrap my head around. After wanting to be a mom forever, I think it’s going to happen in the next five months. A mom! Me! It’s been someone else for so many years – friends, family, co-workers all working their way down the baby aisle – sometimes I still feel like I’m not worthy to be a mom. It was so unattainable for so long. When people are excited about the baby bump and registries and colors for the nursery it’s hard to accept that I’m the one they’re talking about. I’m finally the one with the news. I’m going down the baby aisle. That’s my baby kicking and squirming while I sit here typing. Strange and wonderful.

I’m so grateful for you, Good Cop. You’ve been the best husband and I can’t imagine a better partner for our crummy seasons. I am so excited for you to be a dad to the Bluebird and the Blackbird and any other birds we can round up. :) You’re my one and only.




4 thoughts on “Two years as a Mrs.

  1. So grateful to your Good Cop, and your Good God for such a wonderful union. Praising God for these years and the promises for the future. You are both loved.

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