Fitting that today is the celebration of joy in our church’s advent tradition. There’s a whole lot of joy around our house lately! Good Cop just found out that he doesn’t have to work Christmas Eve, just Christmas and the day after, so we’ll get to spend some extra time together and with family. On a side note, I’m still getting used to the new ways I celebrate holidays now that my life is shared with someone who will always work on some of them, or maybe all of them. I’ve always been a big fan of celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays on the actual day, and I used to be pretty out-of-sorts if that didn’t work out. Thankfully I’ve gotten less particular about those traditions and I’m starting to embrace the floating holiday idea. This year we’re doing our own Christmas on the 23rd after I get out of work. Man, that’s tomorrow! I can’t wait! We’ve got a great menu planned and I finished all of Good Cop’s presents last night. We’re getting some fresh snow right now and it should be warm, cozy and bright for our Christmas. I love it.

My new job has been awesome. The hours are perfect and it’s super low-stress, which is great for this season of life. And it’s helping a lot with the adoption fund! So grateful for the way it worked out.

Speaking of the Blackbird, I’ve been following the Phil Robertson story through different eyes than I would have before this year. I love the Duck Dynasty show but Phil’s crassness has rubbed me the wrong way more than once. I always preferred the episodes that didn’t have much Phil time. And then the GQ interview came out and he got suspended from the show and the fans went crazy. I don’t need to say much because there’s been so much said already, but I find myself agreeing (mostly) with these two blog posts at Rage Against the Minivan and A Holy Experience. Beyond my disappointment with Phil’s word choice and simplistic I’m-right-you’re-wrong attitude, I’m just disappointed that we Christians got so worked up about freedom of speech. Yep, it’s a great thing. Yep, it’s in our rights as Americans. Nope, it’s not guaranteed in the Bible and nope, taking it away is not the biggest threat to our faith. When it comes to my relationships with people who don’t trust Jesus, I’d rather do more tangible loving and less finger pointing while we have real conversations about our mutual brokenness and the only one who can fix it. And really! There are so many situations in our world that don’t line up with the Kingdom of Heaven. Freedom of speech is not high on that list. Extreme poverty, racism, child abuse and neglect, human trafficking, refugees – let’s be more mindful of those. Let me be more mindful of those than protecting my own rights.

So, yeah, I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. But honestly it’s hard to be mindful of anything except the Bluebird growing and changing me. They’re always in my thoughts, making me forgetful and clumsy. The bump is migrating higher and higher, making it a little easier to make my pants fit. This week I wore two shirts that didn’t used to hug my tummy at all, but now they’re almost too tight to wear again. It’s still hard for other people to see the bump, especially if they didn’t see me often, but Good Cop and I notice it all the time. My mother in law, baby-lover that she is, saw it through my winter coat the other day and clapped her hands!

bluebird ornament

Bluebird isn’t getting anything from us for Christmas this year, but I can’t wait for next year! I can’t wait to share my Christmas books, see their reaction to the tree and the neighbor’s light display, give them nibbles of my favorite treats, and dress them in holiday outfits. It’s fun to imagine the noises, smells, and routines that will make next Christmas so different. Anticipation is more than half the fun!


4 thoughts on “JOY

  1. Love the posts! AND, reading your opinion. You are not one to speak your mind very quickly, and this is delightful and inspirational. I loved Ann Voskamp’s post also on our words and the power for good … or. ..

    Enjoy this wonderful season! Can’t wait to see you both on Tuesday!

    Love, Momma

    • Love you, Mom! Thanks. So glad we got to play some music together last night! Lovely, lovely. We’re excited for tomorrow!

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