I love this time of year! It was so nice that the first Sunday of advent was on Thanksgiving weekend, since I tend to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas together anyway. We put our tree up in mid-November this year, partly because we only have two weekends a month that Good Cop is home, and partly because I have a hard time waiting for it once the weather gets chilly.

I’m thinking often about minimizing our stuff lately, anticipating the wave of baby things that will be filling every inch soon, so I haven’t decorated quite as much as usual. But the nativity sets are mandatory. So far we have three of them: one from my mom a few years ago, one that came with the house, and a new one this year from my in-laws. To cut down on the space they usually need, I figured they could all coexist on the mantel this year. Three babies, three Marys, and three Josephs – kind of weird but kind of cool. They make me think of the trinity in a real, non-abstract way. Besides that, I like the way they add depth and color to the fireplace. Maybe this is a new tradition! What do you think?


I’ve been looking at these child-friendly nativities featured on Apartment Therapy too. So adorable!

As a different kind of advent, tomorrow is the arrival of my new job. Pretty exciting! Seems like it’s going to be a great fit and a good schedule, and it’s certainly going to help more with the adoption! I’ll be working in the city manager’s office in one of the larger cities here, a city that’s a whole lot more diverse than our neighborhood. I love that. I need more diversity in my life and that’s one of my favorite things about this job. The other is that I get to be home in the mornings and the late afternoons, when Good Cop is getting home and waking up. The only hard part has been gathering a work wardrobe that fits this new baby bump – that’s a challenge I didn’t anticipate very well. Thankful for Goodwill, eBay and sales at Old Navy. Tonight I laid out everything for the morning and put a granola bar and some raisins in my purse. I think we’re ready!


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