Umbrellas optional

I love finding adoptive parents to learn from online. This article by Rachel Garlinghouse posted at My Brown Baby was great. Here’s a tidbit:

I hope that one day, adoptive families will be treated as equals to biological families. I hope that my children, and all other adoptees, will not be seen as either extraordinary or disabled because they were adopted, but will instead be viewed as people who can offer the world incredible gifts, talents, and insights which stem from the result of both the nature and nurture they have inherited and experienced. I hope that the stigmas and stereotypes surrounding adoption disintegrate, making room for diversity, acceptance, and friendship. I hope that someday it will not matter if parents and siblings and aunts and uncles and spouses “match” or not, but that will instead matter is the value and benefits and beauty of those relationships.

She mostly talks about how transforming it is to adopt transracially. To intentionally ‘ditch the umbrella and dance in the rain” even though you’ve always shied away from getting wet. That’s what umbrellas are for, after all – to protect you. I’m not a huge risk-taker in general but transracial adoption is one challenge that I’m ready to embrace full-on! I like what I see in the families who’ve adopted and I think it’ll fit our family well too. The world is bigger than our little corner. I like how adoption drives that home in really practical ways.

Been thinking about you a lot lately, little bird! Can’t wait to grow and change with you and turn my world upside down for all the right reasons.


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