Gracious goodness

I was thinking today about how good Good Cop is for me and how good we seem to be for each other. Then I was thinking about all my friends who’ve been with me in my adult life and how unique and perfect their particular strengths and experiences are at different times. Then I thought about my family, my original one, and how they love me so well and put up with my weaknesses so graciously. (My in-laws do that too but they’ve had less time to put up with me, so the cumulative wear and tear isn’t as great.)

There’s a lot of grace and goodness in my life. I’m not sure if there’s more than the average person or if I’m just looking for it more often. Dad and Mom taught us to appreciate small graces really well. One of my dad’s most-used phrases while we were growing up was, “Never had it so good.” It was the standard response whenever store clerks or friends asked how he was. I have a feeling he was using mind over matter because life in those early years was rough a lot of the time. Demanding, draining, exhausting, defeating. But he and mom consistently showed us how to enjoy little things. And I remember him saying, “Yes, I’ve really never had it so good,” when asked if it was true.

That’s something I want our kids to learn. Good Cop is great about focusing on the positive too, and I’m so glad he pulls me that way. It’s been one of the best coping methods for this year of loss and waiting.


Grace and goodness is…

  • libraries
  • fresh flowers from Good Cop every payday
  • dinner with mom
  • a special order of Giordano’s Chicago pizza (my favorite) arriving tonight because Good Cop thought it would be a nice surprise
  • autumn – changing leaves, warm sunny days, cool nights, meteor showers
  • good coffee with half and half
  • big, perfect apples in our backyard
  • lots of frozen fruit in the freezer from our garden and fruit trees
  • some new shirts for the fall

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