Back from vacation

IMG_3041We had the annual vacation up north with Good Cop’s family last week and one day we took a day trip just the two of us. We took a ferry to a small island and then biked the perimeter, and along the way we found a deserted stony beach. I took some pics of the water and clouds (it was a perfect, warm, clear fall day) and then I thought I’d try some pics of our rings. I love Good Cop’s inscriptions of Strength, Honor, God – it sums up the last two years since we got engaged. He’s an amazing gift to me and I’m so glad we’re on this journey together.

We got back into the adoption paperwork when we returned and I think we have all the forms filled out. Now we just need fingerprints and doctors’ reports. Getting closer!

Today I think I might have gotten some really good news about the finances part of the adoption, too. Still too early to tell, but it was very encouraging. Just picking away at the mountain one day at a time!


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