More paperwork, please


It has begun.

We started filling out our official application yesterday and got the rest of the packet in the mail… what a lot of questions. I know this is highly unoriginal, but can I say that it’s pretty crazy that we have to do all this to be parents of a baby that was conceived by two adults who didn’t have to answer a single question from anyone? It is very ironic. Worth it, and probably entirely helpful, but incredibly ironic.

My laptop was on it’s last legs and I knew I’d be doing a lot of typing for grants and adoption forms, so we used a tiny bit of savings and got a new laptop for me. It’s really basic but it will do the job, and (bonus) it’s a lot lighter than my old one! Kind of looking forward to hauling it to coffee shops and libraries over the next few months to work on adoption stuff.

This Saturday night we’re having our parents over for dinner. It’ll be the first time we’ve had both sets of parents at the same time and I can’t wait. We wanted some uninterrupted time to talk about the adoption and what we’ve decided on so far, and see what they think. We already know they’re excited but it’ll be nice to have a longer conversation to really get into it.

The other day I asked Good Cop if he’d be okay if we’re chosen for a white baby. I hadn’t really thought of that possibility since we went into this process thinking about an African American baby, but we won’t be limiting ourselves to a certain race on our application. So, it’ll just come down to which birth mom chooses us first and whether we think we’re a good fit for her baby. Honestly, it’ll take me a while to wrap my head around the thought of adopting a non-African American baby, if it comes down to that. Guess I’d just have to do some more reading and talking. Kinda crazy to think about that. Same goes for gender: mostly I picture a boy, and Good Cop wants a girl. I think twins would be perfect.

I got the nursery curtains cut out yesterday so I’ll start sewing them tonight. Hoping to have them hung (and the trim finished) by Saturday night so we can show our parents. Our moms are gonna get a kick out of shopping. Baby blackbird is so lucky!


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