First meeting with an agency!

Tomorrow afternoon we have our first meeting with an agency. Next week we’ll meet with the other one of our top-two. I’ve printed my list of questions to ask and I’m excited! I only feel bad that Good Cop will have to wake up early so we can do the meeting before he goes to work. He’ll be tired tomorrow night. He’s a champ, though, and hasn’t complained that both agencies only have openings at times that will interrupt his sleep. Twelve-hour night shifts are a drag sometimes.

He’s been making progress on the baby’s room and I’ve been making progress on my stack of books. Now that the holiday weekend is over I need to start working on getting some more meetings on the calendar. There are still a few people we want to talk with before we make the big leap into a home study.

Today on the way home from work I heard a radio interview about a high school black-studies library that was recently trashed. Before it got dismantled there were ten thousand items of black and Native American history including books, videos, periodicals and audio cassettes. Sounds like it was the casualty of new management and may or may not have been intentional. I listened with new ears.

On a happier note, a close friend mentioned in passing that her daughter would be done with some of her baby gear by the time we need it, and she’d be happy to lend it. It kind of caught me off guard, that assumption that we’d be borrowing stuff soon. I love it! Guess this is one advantage of being an older parent: we’ve got lots of friends with new, lend-able baby supplies. Can’t wait to have baby showers and go shopping with Good Cop.

Yay for babies! Especially you, baby bird. You’re gonna be so much fun!


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