Thinking a lot about how I’ll handle it if my kids feel discrimination and meanness because of their skin color. The Root posted this video this week. It’s fascinating.

If only it were that easy to make discrimination go away.

Good Cop is working on the future baby’s room right now installing closet doors. He’s so good at those things. I like imagining the room all set up with a crib and changing table, little outfits hanging in the closet, elephants hung on the walls. Soon I’ll be making the curtains with the fabric I bought last week.

But no matter how cute that room is or how snug the doors are, our baby won’t always be safe. I was talking to a friend about that the other night as we walked the beach. The horrible part of parenthood is that you can’t always protect your kids. There are things that will hurt them no matter how hard we try. And sometimes we will be the ones hurting them.

I’m sorry, baby blackbird. Wish we could keep you safe. But you’ll be brave and strong. We’ll love you to pieces and dry your tears.


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